We Care About Our Environment

We Care About Our Environment

Gigi's Vegan + Wellness Cafe believes that a conscious business is a business that contributes to making a positive impact in the community, and consequently the world. We believe that it is our social responsibility to be conscious towards the environment, the animals, and our community.

We want to be fully authentic, we are big on sustainability and zero waste. We make sure more than ever that we use eco-friendly material in all of our to-go packaging. We only use recyclable material, such as glass juice jars and avoid plastic in the exception of our to go cups which are biodegradable. This way we are in alignment to reducing our waste foot print as much as possible, especially during a time of high to-go and delivery orders.

We would like to remind all of our customers to please make sure they also do their part recycling appropriately. Receive 5% off each time you return our glass juice bottles.

We have partnered with KC compost in an effort to combat green house gasses.

We 100% recycle and compost!